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What's New

Wanted - New Members

Open a NEW SHARE account with Bridgeport post Office Federal Credit Union (eligible postal employee and/or eligible family member) and receive a $50.00 credit to your share account.

Already a Member?

Open a Share Draft Acct. (ie, Checking Account) and receive a $50.00 credit to the draft account.

*account must remain open for a minimum of one year or the $50.00 will be forfeit back to the credit union. Limit of One (1) $50.00 credit per member account (If a share account and draft account are opened, the account will only receive one $50.00 credit to the base share account. There WILL NOT be another credit to the draft account.)

** To open an account, a fully completed membership card must be submitted with ID and a minimum initial deposit of $5.00. Offer replaces all other draft promo’s.