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Fee Schedule

Fee Listing
As of: 01/19
Excessive Withdrawal Fee $1.00 for each share W/D made starting on the 4th withdrawal each month.
Mailing Fee/Withdrawals $1.50 each mailing
(W/D’s requested to be sent other than 1st Class Mail, i.e., Express, Priority, etc., member will bear additional mailing cost).
Fax Fee (Outgoing) $1 for local/$2 for long distance
Minimum Bal. Fee $1.00 per month for as long as the account remains under the $50.00 minimum balance.
Bad Address Fee $5.00 per month until the member advised us in writing of their address change. (adopted 8/18/06)
Return Check Fee (deposited item) $37.00 each occurrence (current People's United fee)
ACH Return (Electronic Deposit/Payments) $37.00 each occurrence (current People's United fee)
Stop Payment Fee Fee imposed on us by People’s Bank will be charged to member.
Early Closure Fee/Clubs $15.00 to $35.00 plus forfeiture of any dividends earned
Dormant Account Fee $5.00 per month after one year no transactions
Void Check Fee/Member Request: $5.00 per item
3rd Party Checks: $2.00 per item
Draft Fees
Returned Drafts $37.00 per item
Stop Payment $37.00 per item
Deposited Returned item $37.00.00 per item
Request Draft Copy $3.00 per copy
Draft Orders fee Prices vary
Balance Request $1.00 per acct/per request
Involuntary Account Closure $20.00 if unused checks are not returned
Statement history or reproduction $5.00 per page/per request
Balancing Assistance $15.00 for 1st half hours, 30.00 for ea. additional hour
 Internet Banking Fees
Fee's apply 90 days after siging up for service

Unlock Fee: ( due to incorrect password)         

$5.00 per Occurence  

Deactivation Fee (Acct. Abuse)


Deactivation Fee (no activity for 12 mos)

Deactivation Fee: (Member request) No Charge  
Reactivation Fee: $10.00  

Credit Union Assisted Balance Inqury

$1.00 per call  
Policies are subject to change without prior notice.